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Description: This is a public splash page. I will not give public accounts access to my private profile, if you do not know me in real life please do not add!
Description: Nachrichten ist die neuesten Nachrichten, Veranstaltungen, ständig aktualisiert den ganzen Tag.
Description: Una splash page pubblica. Non chiedermi amicizia a meno che tu non mi conosci nella vita reale. | | | A public splash page. Don't ask me for friendship unless you know me in real life.
Description: 🇮🇹Vivere la vita
About: I was born to an American father and an Italian mother, my father met my mother when stationed in Italy. When i was 13 my mother moved us to Italy, I served in the Italian special forces for over 10 years. I moved back to the united states a few years ago.
Location: München, ,
Age: 32
Location: Tequisquipian, Queretaro, Mexico
Description: Neu hier! Lieb sein!
Location: Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Keywords: Kiel
Description: Spanish voice over from
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Description: me= geek, gamer, researcher, Dr. phil, media literacy, funny, sometimes, wiki-enthusiast, web-citizen, movie-lover, cooking-interested, probably in that order
Age: 39
Location: Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Deutschland
Hometown: Magdeburg